How Mozzart Jackpot works

Participating in the Mozzart jackpot today is easy because you don’t have to find games to bet on. Instead, the bookie will select 13 matches every day whereby yours is to pick 13 teams you think will win and place a bet. You have to do this before the first match kicks off. Mozzart jackpot results will determine whether you’re the winner of the daily 10 million or are lucky to pocket any other Mozzart jackpot bonus. If you manage to predict all Mozzart jackpot results correctly, you become a multimillionaire. If, on the other hand, choose over eight games accurately, you get a Mozzart jackpot bonus. Here is an illustration of how you’ll win in the Mozzart super jackpot if you use our prediction tips:

  1. 13 correct picks – KES 10,000,000
  2. 12 correct picks – KES 100,000
  3. 11 correct picks – KES 10,000
  4. 10 correct picks – KES 1,000
  5.  9 correct picks – KES 500
  6. 8 correct picks – KES 50
  7. 0 correct picks – KES 1000 (if all matches you pick were missed or no odds of 1.00 for one or several matches, we announced)

Predicting the result of eight games is not a walk in the park, leave alone 13 matches. We thus recommend you use Mozzart jackpot predictions we post each day to improve your chances of banking either a bonus or the mega jackpot award. Here is the thing, you can bet with a minimum of Ksh 50 and get back Ksh 50 if 8 of our predictions are correct, and 10 million when all our tips are accurate.

So if you’re looking for tips to make the best out of your bets, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep it here and take advantage of the Mozzart jackpot prediction tips we give every day, and you could be the next millionaire.

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